Stories not Selfies by Simone Cheung

Stories not Selfies

Friday, 6 January 2017 by Simone Cheung

The workshop began at the Australian Centre for Photography where Andrew shared some of his stories and his work. It was great to watch him in action and hear how he worked. It was a great group from all different backgrounds and we shared our own work and stories. We then spent the day shooting with Andrew on the Manly ferry, then in Manly itself. Sydney put on its finest weather - a sunny day, then a dramatic late afternoon storm before beautiful golden sunlight peeked through as we boarded the ferry back. 

I learnt how to tell a powerful story with my images (it's certainly not a picture tells a thousand words) and how to use my phone to shoot Instagram-appropriate images. He pushed me to think about light, composition and the stories behind my images. Thanks Andrew for an insightful and fun day!

These are the photos shot on iPhone only.