by Simon Ross

Videre's Clique

Saturday, 10 December 2016 by Simon Ross

It is a simple fact that without the Fairfax Clique Photographic Club, there would be no Videre. Most of our members met through Clique around three years ago and the bonds formed over hours of discussions, get togethers, shoots and exploring a near obsessive relationship with photography have only grown since. One of our own Peter Waters was the Clique photographer of the year in 2015, while Jonathan Armstrong, Paula Heelan, Ess Vaun, Simone Cheung and Marty Walker have all been winners of monthly challenges and/or runners up and finalists.

This years winner has just been announced, follow the link to see some very special photography and if you've ever thought about how you might drive your photography further, you could worse than get involved with Clique.