Tony Reddrop

Tony Reddrop

We often do things in life at different times, I'm no different. While most people start their photographic journey early in life, I started mine later Rather than find this a disadvantage, I found it the opposite. The life I have had before and since, added to the way I am able to capture and see things, people, light, shadows, approach, and start projects.

I have been in the past a freelance press photographer for the Melbourne suburban and daily news papers, while my focus now is exclusively my own projects that focus on the people and the environment I live in, a rural town in the North Island of New Zealand.
It’s often a challenge to come up with fresh and new Ideas, as the population of the town is small compared to Melbourne’s metropolis, but it also offers reward for hard work, the people you randomly meet, the things you might see...and you do see some things.

I don’t describe my self as any 'type' of photographer, I photograph what attracts my eye, what stories I think needs to be told, more often than not, this
involves light and shadow, people, and the things on the street. Photography is an art, I like to observe, think, and compose; shoot when it’s worth it, not just for the sake of it.

For eight years I didn’t take a single image or own any camera’s but five years ago I came back, able to see things with fresh eyes.

Tony Reddrop.

Published/featured work (Australian unless noted)

Printed magazines

The Walkley 

Walrus ( Canada )

Spinach 7



The Big Issue

North & South

The Australian Photojournalist 

Australian Newspapers

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The Sun

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Lens Culture – Feature


Woomera Detention Centre – Easter Protest 2002

SBS – Television – Walkley Awards

Rosies Coffee Van – 2003 – ABC TV Melbourne

Contact – 2007 – National 9 News National - Australia

Random Street Portraits – 2017 – Radio National Arts program – Standing Room Only – New Zealand

Exhibition Group

The photographers Gallery – Melbourne 1999

The Homeless Gallery ( Australia ) Collingwood - 2003

CCP – Summer Salon -  2004

Baohe International Photo Festival China - 2019

New Zealand - Street Photographs

Victorian Archives Record Office – Melbourne – 2019

Shadows Exhibition – Projection show

Exhibition Solo 

Woomera Detention Centre – Easter Protest  - 2002

Rosies Coffee Van – 2003 – Leica Gallery – Collingwood Melbourne

Contact – Australasian Vietnam Veterans – 2007 Shrine Of Remembrance Melbourne

Metropolis – 2017 - Te Manawa Gallery – Palmerston North New Zealand

Random Street Portraits – 2018 – Shown in 5 public spaces - Palmerston - North New Zealand